Full Arch Restoration

Full Arch Restoration

Comprehensive Full Arch Restorations in Bayside and Upper East Side, NY

Lenox Hill Oral Surgery offers Full Arch Restorations, a transformative solution for those missing multiple teeth, utilizing innovative all-on-four dental implant technology.

What are Full Arch Restorations?

Full arch implants are also known as all-on-four dental implants. This treatment is for patients who are missing all of their teeth in either the upper or lower jaw, or both. The full arch implant procedure involves placing four dental implants into the jawbone and attaching a full set of replacement teeth to them.

You may not have heard of a full arch rehabilitation before, but it could be the best solution for you if all or many tooth(s) are missing. A Full Arch Rehabilitation is designed to restore full dental implant arches -- with no more pesky halitosis! But what exactly does this mean - how does one get started on getting his/her own set back in shape again?

How does full arch rehabilitation work?

Full arch rehabilitation is a process that works to restore your teeth. It does this by using multiple dental implants along the entire upper or lower arch of one's mouth, which are placed directly into bone like natural roots; therefore providing deep-rooted stability and comfort for eating normally without having any thought spare on what you're doing with their restoration! You'll be able to eat all sorts of foods again--from corn off the cob (in its whole form) right up through apples - just as if they had regular human incisors instead

What can you expect with full arch rehabilitation?

To get a full arch rehabilitation, our dentists will take some scans of your teeth and jaws to determine whether the treatment is right for you! If it seems like full arch rehabilitation would be beneficial, then he’ll also plan where dental implants should go in along with designing an overall treatment plan that includes custom-made dentures too - all while tinting them, so they match natural smile color perfectly; giving you more options than ever before when looking into restored smiles by using state-of-the-art technology.

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