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What is Mucoceles?

Mucoceles, (also known as oral mucous cysts or blisters on the surface of your mouth) are painless. These small roundish cysts often appear clear and blue in color while smooth with and are more prominently inside cheeks or around bottom lip area where they're easiest accessed by bacteria for infection to take place if not treated quickly enough.  

What Causes Oral Mucoceles?

When you continuously suck on something like your lower lip or cheek, it can damage or block a duct and cause mucus in salivary glands to leak or seep out, and causes a cyst-like swelling which is known as Mucoceles. This is because of how much pressure these habits put forth when done often enough over time--which could lead not just to lackluster spit, but also symptoms like having an increased need for water.

Who is a Good Candidate for Mucocele Removal?

Good candidates for mucocele removal are people who:

  • Have a mucous cyst that is causing pain or discomfort
  • Have a mucous cyst that is affecting their ability to eat or speak properly
  • Are concerned about the cosmetic appearance of the cyst

What Is The Process To Remove Mucoceles?

Depending on the severity, the following may be needed to remove a Mucocele:

  • Freezing the cyst (cryotherapy)
  • Laser treatment
  • Surgery to cut out the cyst

An oral health care professional will clean and disinfect the area around your mouth where you experience pain. They'll use local anesthesia, so there's no need for sedation or invasive procedures like IVDA therapy.

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