Same Day Implants

Same Day Implants

Same-Day Dental Implants: A Swift Solution for Tooth Replacement

What are Same-Day Implants?

Same-day implants are a great option for replacing a missing tooth in just one day. Unlike the traditional implant procedures that can occur over several visits or months, same-day options are an efficient solution in appropriate situations. This option requires careful preplanning and is a wonderful option for patients who are candidates.

Why would Same-Day Implants be needed?

The reason you might need an implant is because a tooth has cracked, fractured or broken. You might even have a tooth that has a large, old filling in it that needs to be replaced, or you're experiencing pain with an unusable tooth.

Who is a candidate for Same-Day Implants?

You will need to be seen in person for us to assess whether you are a candidate for same-day implants. Thorough examination, careful treatment planning, preliminary lab work, coordination of treatment and timing of the procedure with your regular dentist is of utmost importance in these situations.

What happens during the procedure to make and place Same-Day Implants?

Your dentist will prefabricate an immediate temporary crown/bridge for your implants. Once these are ready, you are ready to see your surgeon next. Extractions/bone grafting/implant placement and insertion of your temporary restoration are all done consecutively so that when you leave our office you will be able to smile with confidence at once.

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