Intravenous (IV) Sedation

IV Sedation

Advanced IV Sedation for a Comfortable Dental Experience in Bayside and Upper East Side, NY

Lenox Hill Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery offers IV Sedation, providing patients with a more relaxed state during dental procedures. This sedation type is ideal for complicated or lengthy surgical procedures and is administered directly into the bloodstream, ensuring a comfortable, sleep-like state.

What is Intravenous (IV) Sedation?

IV sedation is a deeper state of anesthesia typically implemented to decrease awareness and high levels of anxiety often associated with more involved, complicated or lengthy surgical procedures. It involves establishing intravenous (IV) access by placing a small catheter into the patient's arm and delivering medications tailored to the patient's needs to achieve a safe and comfortable “sleep-like” state. The depth of anesthesia can be adjusted in real-time, guided by the patient's vital signs and invasiveness of procedure.

Intravenous sedation is safe for most patients, detailed pre-anesthetic assessment and, in some cases, additional pre-surgical consultation with other medical specialists is required to ensure optimal experience and minimize the possibility of complications.

Why is IV Sedation needed?

There are a few reasons for why IV sedation might be the best option for you. You may have had a traumatic event in the past that triggers fear and anxiety in the dental chair, you may be just generally a “nervous person” or you need a particularly extensive, complicated procedure that requires being still for a prolonged period of time and you would rather be asleep for it. 

Additionally, there are circumstances (severe infection/trauma/jaw dislocation to name the few) when comfort during surgery may not be achievable otherwise.

Who is a candidate for IV Sedation?

Comfort of Intravenous sedation is available to most patients coming into our office. We will thoroughly review all pertinent health and medical history prior to suggesting any particular type of sedative. Fasting (i.e. staying away from all solid foods) is necessary for a minimum of 8 hours prior to being sedated intravenously. You will require an escort of a responsible adult and will not be able to drive, operate machinery or take care of small children for 24 hours after this type of sedation. Detailed customized instructions will be given to you at the time of your visit.

What happens during IV Sedation?

The process begins by sitting you comfortably in a semi-reclined surgical chair in one of our operatories. You will be connected to multiple monitors to ensure that all your vital signs(breathing, blood pressure, heart rate) are normal throughout the procedure.We then place a small catheter into your arm and deliver an appropriate combination of safe, effective sedatives, based on your age, weight, health, vital signs and procedure. Within a few minutes, you will begin to enter a dream-like relaxed and comfortable state. Highly trained professional staff will be present and observing you during the entire procedure to alert the doctor, in addition to monitors, to any abnormalities, as needed.

Upon compilation of procedure medications will be titrated to allow you to comfortably “wake up”. The IV is removed from your arm once your return to normal state is confirmed and you are taken to one of our recovery rooms. There you are given plenty of time to transition and return to an acceptable state of awareness, ensure that you are comfortable and pain free, so that you can leave the office safely with all vital signs back to normal, all questions answered, escorted with written instructions and ice pack in hand. You will likely be still numb for about an hour afterwards which will give you plenty of opportunity to get your medications from the pharmacy and settle in the comfort of your home.

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