L-PRF Enhanced Grafting Techniques

L-PRF Enhanced Grafting Techniques

Innovative L-PRF Enhanced Grafting Techniques in Bayside and Upper East Side, NY

L-PRF therapy can facilitate your body's natural healing properties for more successful results. It is an innovative product that helps wounds heal faster and with better quality by releasing proteins found in our bodies to promote cell growth at surgical sites, allowing new skin cells to grow on top of them while they are still fresh!

What are the Benefits of using L-PRF?

Using the IntraSpin System, a small sample of your blood is taken prior to the procedure. This allows it to be processed in a laboratory and creates a clot using a specific three-step protocol that draws out fibrin from the tube while compressing into a device with thickness needed for surgery.

When the clot is applied to your wound, it releases concentrated proteins that form a network of cells working together with one another. These vital components help generate new tissue for you! The high concentration of platelets or leukocytes don't have any additives which reduce side effects like allergies because they're created from your own blood - so there's no risk whatsoever in having an allergic reaction.

What is L-PRF used for?

L-PRF is the most successful treatment for certain types of dental problems. Now it's being used in a variety of surgical procedures, including oral maxillofacial surgical treatments like:

  • Dental implants
  • Bone Defects
  • Extraction Sockets
  • Sinus & Dental Ridge Augmentation
  • Palatal Defects
  • Maxillary Bone Atrophy

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