What are Jaw Tumor Treatments?

Jaw tumors are more common than you might think, and the vast majority of them are completely benign. However, even a benign tumor can get in the way of being able to eat, swallow, breathe properly and care for your teeth. We offer treatment of all types of jaw tumors to ensure quick and successful healing. In many cases, the tumor will be removed and reconstruction surgery may be required.

Why would you need Jaw Tumor Treatments?

A tumor can sometimes appear on either the palate or jaw on the inside or outside of the mouth. Unfortunately, many tumors continue to grow in size, getting in the way of your ability to function throughout the day. When this occurs, we often recommend removal of the tumor as well as surgery to reconstruct the area. In rare cases, tumors can be malignant and adequate treatment is necessary.

Who is a good candidate for Jaw Tumor Treatments?

These tumors can often be seen on typical dental x-rays. We can even see them during a thorough evaluation and exam. If a tumor is found, we can perform tests to decipher whether it's benign or malignant. We share testing results immediately with you to put your mind at ease and to start the proper treatment plan.

What occurs during Jaw Tumor Treatment?

If the tumor is not growing in size and not getting in the way of your quality of life, it can be left alone and observed to ensure it's not becoming a problem. If, however, the tumor is an issue for you and is affecting how well you're able to speak, eat and care for yourself, we will suggest removing it. Removal of the tumor can be done via surgery in our office. General Anesthesia allows you to be asleep for the procedure. We often need to do reconstruction surgery after the tumor is removed to close the area and improve the appearance of the mouth and jaw.

If you have a jaw tumor that needs treatment, call us today and our staff members can further help in answering your questions.

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