Comprehensive Jaw Tumor Treatments in Bayside and Upper East Side, NY

At Lenox Hill Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, we specialize in diagnosing and treating jaw tumors, offering comprehensive care to ensure your oral health and well-being.

What are Jaw Tumor Treatments?

“Jaw tumors” is the term used loosely to describe tumors that are found in the oral cavity or the bones of the face. They are more common than you might think, and the vast majority of them are completely benign(harmless, non-cancerous). However, even a benign tumor can get in the way of being able to eat, swallow, talk or  breathe properly. We offer evaluation and management of all pathological conditions of the oral cavity and bones of the maxillofacial region, including diagnosis, surgery and reconstruction of the defects related to jaw tumors.

Why would you need Jaw Tumor Treatments?

A tumor or a cyst is an abnormal structure that  can sometimes appear within the bones or soft tissues of the mouth/face. Unfortunately, many tumors have a propensity to continuously grow in size, causing distortion and/or damage to the neighboring  areas, causing pain and getting in the way of your ability to function. When this occurs, we will often recommend the biopsy procedure first, to determine the nature of the tumor that may lead to removal of remaining lesions as well as surgery to reconstruct the area, as needed. In rare cases, jaw tumors can be aggressive or malignant and more complex treatment may be necessary

Who is a good candidate for Jaw Tumor Treatments?

Some of the oral tumors can often be noted  by visual examination, while others can only be found with help of x-rays or other imaging. Some additional testing, such as blood work or biopsy are often needed in order to establish the diagnosis. We share testing results immediately with you to put your mind at ease and to guide you through the treatment options available.

What occurs during Jaw Tumor Treatment?

Some tumors are extremely slowly growing and not likely to interfere with  your quality of life. Those could be often left alone, but may require monitoring, i.e. observed by your dental professionals to ensure they are not becoming a problem. Most tumors, however, will need to be removed. The nature, size and location of the lesion will dictate the amount of surgery required to excise it and , therefore, whether it can be safely done in our office(with local or general anesthesia) or whether you will require hospital OR setting. It will also dictate whether reconstruction of the area may be needed to optimize functionally and aesthetically satisfying outcomes. In some cases long term follow up will be needed to monitor and address recurrences in a timely fashion.

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